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Why using the Cloud makes sense for your Private Practice

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Why use the Cloud?

There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to use cloud services. Many business owners use the cloud for their storage, backup and data recovery needs. The cloud makes it easy and convenient to store large amounts of data without having to worry about IT expansion or infrastructure. Customers love the pay-as-go pricing options together with easy scalability for when your business grows.

What are the Benefits?

Low cost, flexible, and secure

No matter how big or small your business is, cloud computing makes a lot of sense. First, it is a cost effective and customizable solution as you only pay for what you use. IT costs are significantly reduced as cloud providers take care of all the IT nitty-gritty such as upgrading operating systems, necessary hardware replacement as well as encrypting data for security.

The cloud has also been proven as a reliable way to run applications with cloud providers like Amazon Web Services where security is their number one priority, allowing you more time to focus on customers and less time worrying about infrastructure and security breaches.

Instant access to all your data anywhere, anytime via any device!

The cloud enables you to manage all your Diagnostic Images,  in a secure tier 3 data center, making viewing from any device or operating system quick, simple and easy. Whether it be an office computer, a laptop,  a mobile tablet or even a cell phone. With user logins and password protection in place, the data and files remain safe, yet is instantly accessible whether in or out of the office.  This allows for enhanced mobility as well as streamlined collaboration between colleagues and simple and instant peer reviews.

The different departments can share information as well as have instant access to important patient information, analytics and more, which ultimately increases productivity and efficiency. It further enables your business data to be integrated and analyzed as a whole regardless of where your doctors find themselves.


What is AccuVueCloud PACS

Radmedix AccuVueCloud PACS system delivers both the computing and storage power over the internet. Our solution provides tools for General Radiology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Podiatry and other specialties throughout your practice & referring physicians. AccuVueCloud allows your facility to deliver improved patient care at a cost effective price.

The AccuVueCloud PACS provides you an expandable storage archive without the cost to upgrade hardware ever!  It also offers increased computing power to allow you to view and manipulate or annotate any image using hand-held mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and other tablets. When implementing AccuVueCloud, your practice will gain the added efficiency to access images securely anytime, anywhere via cellular or Wi-Fi network access. Yes, even 3G or 4G cellular networks, so even if the internet is down you can still access your studies. All of this is included in one low monthly fee that also includes all of your support and updates as long as you are a subscriber to AccuVueCloud. There are no contracts, you can cancel the service at anytime, and you always own 100% of your data.

AccuVueCloud Benefits

  • 100 % HIPAA Compliant
  • No IT Staff or Service Contract
  • No software/hardware to buy
  • View images on ANY device
  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimted Users
  • Unlimited Exam Volume
  • You always own your images
  • No Apps to buy/download
  • Secure Tier 3 Data Center
  • Includes redundant archives
  • No “Per Study” fees
  • Works with Any Digital Modality
  • Vendor neutral Archive ( works with any CR or DR System)



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