The RadmediX Difference

Chiropractic Digital X-Ray Solutions

Keeping your Chiropractic office operating efficiently as well as offering the best patient care possible are key factors in a successful practice. Today more and more Chiropractic centers are upgrading to Chiropractic Digital X-Ray equipment. Converting to Digital Radiography does not have to be expensive. With new advanced technology and new lower prices, Radmedix can easily transform your existing Analog equipment into state of the art Direct Digital X-ray in just minutes!

Whether you are a start-up or an existing practice looking for affordable equipment, contact us today for a free consultation with one of our Direct Digital Imaging Specialists.

  • Simple & Quick Installation
  • Diagnostic image less than 3 seconds
  • HD Direct Deposited Csi Technology
  • Automatic Exposure Detection

X-Ray Analysis tools designed
for Chiropractors

Advanced Orthogonal Analysis

Gonstead measurements

Upper Cervical Analysis

George’s Lines

Ilium Analysis

Line Drawing


Angles (Regular, Cobb)

Cervical Curve

Lumbar Curve


Full Spine Stitching

Spine Labeling

Discovery More About
Our Chiropractic Solutions

As a leader in the Radiography industry, RadmediX is creating shifts in the standards of digital x-ray imaging, by producing innovative products that produce the highest quality images at affordable costs and our Acuity 1717 Chiropractic Flat Panel is the ideal answer for your office.

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