The RadmediX Difference

Our Medical DR Solutions

Our medical DR Solutions are the perfect fit for your private practice medical facility or hospital. Radmedix can offer 24-7 support on our products to provide you with the proper piece of mind for your medical clinic. Our digital radiography systems will create a professional and efficient imaging suite for your immediate care facility.

Whether you are a start-up or an existing clinic looking for affordable equipment, contact us today for a free consultation from our team.

  • Simple Installation
  • Modern touch screen user interface
  • Auto-Advancing Exams
  • Excellent Image Processing
  • Smart Workflow
  • Email images
  • Burn CD’s
  • Customizable Tool Menu
  • True Size Calibration
  • Image Stitching
  • AccuVue Cloud based PACS

WPCS – Wireless Power Charging System

Acuity DR 1417 is embedded with a wireless charging system that enables seamless 24 hour wireless operating environment. This was made possible with a detector embedded RX and an external battery charging system TX. WPCS technology of Acuity DR 1417 makes possible operation with wireless charging without the need of a battery change. WPCS is a world first new innovation product which installed a wireless battery charging system to extreme portability.

Durable DR Protection Cases

Our G4 Acuity DR 1417 glass-free DR panel is engineered with a lightweight carbon fiber chassis. Gridded and non-gridded protection cases are separately provided to provide ultimate panel protection in various situations such as hospitals and mobile environments. Cases come equipped with an ergonomical handle as well as lock-and-secure latch to keep the detector secure during handling. Combine with our tablet PCP and achieve ultimate portability.

acuity_dr-wifi gif
G4 Acuity DR 1417 Panel


Inside AP

Inside AP & PCP

Inside AP maximizes the portability function of G4 Acuity DR 1417 which directly communicates with a tablet PC and Smart Phones to make possible the viewing of images on mobile devices. with PCP (Portable Console PC) and wireless communication, G4 Acuity DR 1417’s high definition images can be given anywhere and anytime. This enables outdoor and mobile application such as in ICU, Veterinary, and Industrial situations. Now, capture x-ray images on your mobile devices.

Wifi & Wired Transfer

  • Slim cassette size
  • Highly reliable and stable operation
  • Direct Deposited Csl
  • WiFi image transfer available (optional)
  • Fast image acquisition time less than 2 sec.
  • Lossless AED support
G4 Acuity DR 1417

As a leader in the Radiography industry, Radmedix is creating shifts in the standards of digital x-ray imaging, by producing innovative products that produce the highest quality images at affordable costs and our G4 Acuity DR 1417 is the answer to your private practice or hospital.

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