The RadmediX Difference

Our Acuity SDR+ Solution

The Acuity SDR+, is a digital radiography system designed for a wide range of general and specialized diagnostic imaging. One of our most popular x-ray solutions, the Acuity SDR+ is known as the straight arm system that can do it all, no matter your practice. The semi-automated, pre-programmed positioning allows for maximum efficiency, which includes up to 60 customized, pre-programmed positions of any exam type. The integrated digital flat panel detector offers flexible imaging of all anatomy with unmatched resolution at industry leading lower doses.

The Acuity SDR+ features a 10” touch screen display console which automatically controls all system components while providing the operator with unprecedented simplicity and ease-of-use. Whether working in a general radiology or orthopedic application, the Acuity SDR+ system provides the user with customized work flow, unmatched functionality and exceptional diagnostic quality at an affordable cost.

  • Intuitive 10” touchscreen display for simplified system operation
  • Up to 60 semi-automatic pre-set positions of stand height, orientation, and SID
  • Removable grid
  • Integrated High Frequency X-ray Generator, with customized Anatomical Programming (APR) from the digital technologist workstation
  • Integrated high performance digital flat panel DR detector, with fast image display and exceptional image quality
  • Occupies the smallest footprint within an 8’ ceiling without limiting full-functionality
  • Technologist friendly features with collimator and system movement controls from Bucky
  • Integrated safety features with multiple emergency- stop buttons and collision sensors
  • Optional: Lightweight mobile patient imaging table, (max. Patient weight 516lbs.)
  • Optional: (AEC) Automatic Exposure Control
  • Dual laser LED collimator
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Simplified Operation at your Fingertips with our Intuitive 10” Touchscreen

Increase Throughput

Optimize speed, precision, and versatility with Bucky side controls

The Acuity SDR System,

Anything but Standard

The Acuity SDR is also offered in our Standard configuration. Offering the same versatility of the Acuity SDR+, but with our standard non-touchscreen display and advanced features. The Acuity SDR Standard offers the same exceptional digital imaging quality but with standard features at a budget friendly price point.