Acuity PDR
Acuity PDR


The RadmediX Difference


The Acuity PDR is an easy to maneuver and truly portable x-ray system designed for mixed practice demands such as home health, remote services as well as an excellent in clinic solution to bring the x-ray directly to the patient.

The Acuity PDR offers the latest cutting edge wireless technology with a powerful lithium battery to achieve over 300+ exposures on a single charge. No more hassling to search for a power outlet to plug into and wondering whether or not it has adequate amperage to support it. The Acuity PDR is ready when you are.

  • Totally wireless, sealed drip proof portable x-ray.
  • Customized pre-programmed x-ray techniques.
  • 40″ laser distance SID indicator and measuring tape.
  • Rotating LED laser collimator.
  • Over 300 exposures on a single charge and built in tube protection.
  • 10 minute rapid charge allowing 50 exposures.
  • Modular system for easy servicing and support.
  • Soft touch membrane intuitive buttons
  • Programmable timed exposure controls
  • Auto diagnosis with 14 fault codes for intelligent error reporting.
  • Available with optional mobile cart.
Acuity PDR

Easy Mobility for Increased Workflow

PDR Position 1
PDR Position 2
PDR Alternate Angle
PDR Position 3
PDR Position 4
Acuity PDR Wheels Down

Fast Breakdown and Setup

Our Acuity PDR portably x-ray system can effortlessly be folded up into a more compact shape after use to be easily transported to your next location in need of x-ray assistance. It can be loaded into a car using the handlebars which face down as you tilt and slide the system into your vehicle for easy transportation.

This system sits on two high quality durable wheels suited for all types of terrain which support the PDR in its folded form. The off-terrain suited wheels are especially useful in disaster relief situations where field hospitals are set up. Our PDR can easily make the trip to aid these makeshift hospitals. Also very useful in military zones when using a large heavy x-ray unit is not feasible, our portable x-ray system is perfect for the job.

Convenient DR Storage

The Acuity PDR stand incorporates a carefully crafted and latchable storage bin for ultimate panel protection from the elements and ease of transport.

PDR Panel
Acuity PDR

More PDR Portable Benefits

Specialized radiology rooms with fixed x-ray equipment definitely have its purpose in patient care. However fixed equipment has limitations which is where our Acuity PDR portable x-ray system comes into play. The PDR will increase versatility, convenience, improve patient comfort, and allow the x-ray tech ease of use when using this mobile solution.

Using our Acuity PDR avoids difficult transports and additional movements of patients. Additional movements of patients can not only cause discomfort but can cause a more serious injury so having their x-ray needs brought to them is vital.

The Acuity PDR offers fast exposure and low dose to patients/staff to provide superior image quality. Get high quality images fast in the field to quickly diagnose patients and get them the care they need. The Acuity PDR is a totally wireless system capable of over 300 exposures on a single charge due to its built in large capacity power supply with onboard charging. One of our most reliable systems to date. We strive to provide digital solutions that lasts when it matter most, reach out today for a quote on our portable x-ray system or if you have any questions.