Radmedix's Innovative Orthopedic DR Panel helps fulfill the needs of any clinic

Our innovative orthopedic specific flat panel DR solution can fulfill needs within your orthopedic clinic. The innovative orthopedic imaging cassette size wireless flat panel DR solution accommodates your existing or new X-ray system without additional modification. Radmedix understands the demands and requirements put on high volume orthopedic imaging facilities. Our Acuity wireless DR’s unique technology, offers a HD quality diagnostic image within seconds.

The orthopedic specific, direct capture technology allows for bone detail in the highest spatial resolution while eliminating “light blur” from traditional scintillation type flat panel detectors. Bundled with AccuVueMed acquisition software plus TrueVue Art imaging processing, it allows image optimization for unmatched superior bone detail. AccuVueMed also offers the ability to stitch images together for long film studies and customizable study plans. It is also has fully compatible DICOM communication with existing clinical software.

radmedix innovative orthopedic dr panel helps fulfill the needs of any clinic

Additionally, AccuVueCloud based PACS system allows for unlimited secure cloud storage of all your diagnostic images and supports all modalities (CT, MRI, Ultrasound). AccuVueCloud eliminates the ongoing expense of traditional PACS, support contracts, concurrent user license management, and the risk of hardware/OS obsolesce. Our cloud solution also supports all OEM preoperative template planning tools for easy and accurate surgical planning anywhere and anytime; making routing and collaborating your image cases an easy task.

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