Just as the Acuity series of our DR panels revolutionize the way digital X-rays are taken, we felt it was time for our website to reflect how far our technology has advanced the healthcare field.

A website says a lot about a company, they also “say” a lot without using words by how uses modern technological advances for the web. We wanted to show that while we are a leader within the digital radiology field, we are also making great strides in other areas of technology. Our software platforms, AccuvueMed and AccueVueCloud, are designed specifically with you in mind in order to simplify workflow. To that degree, our website has been designed with the user in mind to ensure that information is accessible and easy to digest.

Our recently updated website illustrates our commitment to providing smart, sophisticated, and state-of-the-art radiology solutions. Our research and development team is constantly working to push the limits of technology while at the same time maintaining our state-of-the-art solutions already available. We have devoted our acumen and resources to providing solutions that improve the workflow within a medical office setting by saving time.

We desire for our site to help educate you on the ever changing technology as well as to allow you to dream about what your office environment could be like. Please utilize the contact page to get in touch with us regarding any questions you may have. We look forward to connecting with you to discuss your challenges in more detail and work to provide a solution that makes sense in your environment.