radmedix-cloud-pacs-systemAs technology in the field of medical advancements continues to develop and improve, it’s vital for hardware to embrace the most modern data storage and communication practices. In radiology today, that means coupling the sleek HD imaging of RadmediX digital X-ray panels with streamlined Cloud PACs compatibility. From transferring patient information to ensuring internal data continuity, more and more medical professionals are turning to the convenience and security of Cloud advancements.

A promising survey taken by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has recently indicated a projected industry tendency toward Cloud organization in various aspects of healthcare organization operations. According to the survey’s sample, around 34% of healthcare provider organizations currently employ this modern method for data exchange. This includes Cloud PACs that provide simple viewing, storage, and transfer for images throughout individual practices and beyond. The HIMSS survey also indicates that almost 50% of those organizations interviewed plan to move to the Cloud for PACs functions in the near future. From data and image storage to encouraging patient empowerment, the possibilities for improved office functionality and patient interaction are increased exponentially with the Cloud.

Harness the power of the Cloud for your business with RadmediX solutions featuring AccuVue Cloud PACs. By eliminating superfluous hardware costs and allowing your practice to pay for only what is needed, our digital X-ray panel packages are an affordable, effective way to put the convenience and efficiency of the Cloud to work for your office.

reference article: healthcare-informatics.com