RadmediX Ramps Up Production During COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, RadmediX is ramping up production to provide much needed relief to medical facilities and module screening centers during this crucial time. In lieu of medical supplies running low, Radmedix is doing our part to provide the much needed x-ray solutions to quickly help diagnose patients. This will ensure proper medical attention and screening is given early on in their diagnosis. Saving lives is our primary focus as we work diligently to fulfill order demands and ship out current/future orders.

New Acuity PDR Solution
Our most recent advanced Acuity PDR portable x-ray solution has been specifically designed to assist aid and emergency relief situations anytime, anywhere due to its lightweight and portability. No power sacrifice needed for proper examinations. Combined with our proven, hospital quality, AcuityDR flat panel digital x-ray detectors, we can offer a package requiring less dose to patients and staff to provide superior image quality.
It is also equipped to handle various environments with built to last durability and is fitted on a cart for easy mobility. These units can easily be picked up and moved to another location or maneuver over obstacles commonly found in a field hospital. With the Radmedix portable x-ray solution, we bring our x-ray systems to the patient with ultimate portability.
The Acuity PDR is a totally wireless system capable of over 300 exposures on a single charge due to its built in large capacity power supply with onboard charging. Additionally, the Acuity PDR has sealed drip proof leakage control. With so many patients flooding hospitals during this crisis, the last thing medical professionals need to worry about is limited mobility and unstable line voltage on an essential x-ray system. We strive to make sure our equipment is reliable and lasts when it matters most.
Acuity PDR
Emergency Response

Portable x-ray systems are proving to be an essential medical device to combat and diagnose COVID-19. Our Acuity PDR is not only capable of acquiring high quality images, but also takes on-site imaging with low radiation intensity.

High quality images are achieved through direcly deposited CsI of the AcuityDR wireless flat panel detector which provides sharper images at lower dispersion. Higher quality images allows medical practitioners to quickly diagnose patients, which can make a huge difference in quick diagnosis, quarantine and treatment.

For COVID-19, the Acuity PDR supports a rapid and accurate diagnosis of lung infections through chest radiographs to distinguish between possible COVID-19 infection and other known viruses. Doctors can make on-site diagnosis of the lung images and take immediate measures to quarantine the patient if they show signs of infection.

Portable On The Way
We are currently working with hospitals around COVID-19 hotspots including New York and Florida to make sure they have all their portable x-ray system needs fulfilled. Our Acuity PDR is shipping NOW so that patients can get treatment as soon as possible. It is a vital time to act quickly and identify all who are infected. RadmediX’s main priority is not only to save lives but to give medical staff the relief they need by getting ahead of the slope and flattening the curve. Our portable solution is becoming a fundamental factor in stopping this virus.
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