Portable Medical Imaging has become much more in demand over the past few years. Radmedix, an x-ray manufacturer has been working hard to develop new user friendly technologies. With Radiographic Technologist in mind, Radmedix has designed a very efficient Portable X-Ray System with our Acuity DR panel to fit the needs of your patients and increase your clinic workflow. We have many different configuration options to best serve the needs of your facility. Please contact us today to get more information.

Simple & Quick Installation

Only 6.5 lbs

Diagnostic image less than 3 seconds

HD Direct Deposited Csi Technology

Automatic Exposure Detection

Multi-channel technology

Seamless integration with AccuVue Cloud

The RadmediX Difference


The Acuity PDR is a true portable x-ray system designed for mixed practice demands as well as in surgery imaging needs for precise surgical treatments. The Acuity PDR offers the latest cutting edge, lithium battery technology for over 300+ exposures on a single charge. No more searching for a power outlet to plug into and wondering whether or not it has adequate amperage to support it.

Our Acuity PDR can be used to x-ray patients who are unable to be transported to a hospital due to injury or health conditions. This system brings x-ray imaging to the patient and helps eliminate unnecessary positioning in their body. This prevents a more severe injury and ultimately will provide more comfort to the patient.

Our portable system aids emergency relief situations anywhere, anytime, and any environment due to its lightweight and portable structure without sacrificing power needed for proper examinations. Combined with our proven, hospital quality, G3 Acuity DR flat panel digital x-ray detectors, we can offer a package requiring less dose to patients and staff on the go to provide superior image quality.

  • Totally wireless, sealed drip proof portable x-ray.
  • Customized pre-programmed x-ray techniques.
  • 40″ laser distance SID indicator and measuring tape.
  • Rotating LED laser collimator.
  • Over 300 exposures on a single charge and built in tube protection.
  • 10 minute rapid charge allowing 50 exposures.
  • Modular system for easy servicing and support.
  • Soft touch membrane intuitive buttons
  • Programmable timed exposure controls
  • Auto diagnosis with 14 fault codes for intelligent error reporting.
  • Available with optional mobile cart.
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Acuity PDR

Next Generation of Digital X-Ray

Radmedix’s innovative, 3rd generation of digital x-ray DR panel solutions combine advanced ‘Information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology. With a complete detector size portfolio and versatility, G3 Acuity DR provides ultimate image quality that can be applied in multiple diagnostic imaging environments for various clinical applications. Whether seeking a retro-fit solution for an existing x-ray system or package with our fully integrated x-ray systems, the next generation of diagnostic imaging is here!

G3 DR Panels Stacked

WPCS – Wireless Power Charging System

Acuity DR 1417 is embedded with a wireless charging system that enables seamless 24 hour wireless operating environment. This was made possible with a detector embedded RX and an external battery charging system TX. WPCS technology of Acuity DR 1417 makes possible operation with wireless charging without the need of a battery change. WPCS is a world first new innovation product which installed a wireless battery charging system to extreme portability.

High Sharpness Images by
Direct Deposited CsI / TRU16 Bits Conversion

Direct deposited CsI can provide clearer images at the lowest dispersion compared to conventional CsI and GOS scintillator. High quality images are not a result of any one feature such as smallest pixel size or low electronic noise, but achieved when all components of the detector are optimized to operate in harmony with each corresponding specification. Full display of TRU16 bits expression, providing high contrast detailed images for ultimate diagnostic confidence.

Better DQE Performance in Higher Spatial Frequencies

RadmediX with its directly deposited columnar structured Csl + TFT provides outstanding high quality images with high DQE performance in high spatial frequency range.
*DQE measurements condition : RQA-5 (Typical 2.6 uGy)

Radmedix dqe

Durable Portable Cases

G3 Acuity DR panels are available with both gridded and non-gridded protection cases to provide ultimate panel security for any wireless panel size. Cases come equipped with an ergonomical handle as well as lock-and-secure latch to keep the detector secure during handling. Combine with our tablet PCP and achieve ultimate portability.

acuity_dr-wifi gif


Inside AP

Inside AP & PCP

Inside AP maximizes the portability function of G3 Acuity DR which directly communicates with a tablet PC and Smart Phones to make possible the viewing of images on mobile devices. With PCP (Portable Console PC) and wireless communication, G3 Acuity DR’s highly detailed images can be given anywhere and anytime. This enables outdoor and mobile application such as in ICU, Veterinary, and industrial situations. Now, capture x-ray images on your mobile devices.