The New RadmediX Acuity 1417 Wireless DR Panel is a compact portable imaging detector that can turn any traditional X-ray room into a highly efficient Digital Radiology suite in less than one hour.

Image Quality:
The Acuity HD 1417 provides images of extraordinary clarity. It has a pixel pitch of 139 um and pixel resolution of 2560 x 3072 pixels. However, where superlative imaging is concerned, pixel count is only one indicator among several. The Acuity 1417’s direct conversion technology provides a far superior spatial resolution to indirect capture systems. Eliminating the scintillators that indirect capture systems require yields a Modulation Transfer Function three times higher than the competition.

At a weight of just 7lbs, the Acuity 1417 is a highly portable direct digital x-ray system. The Acuity’s ease of use is enhanced by an exceptional battery life. The device lasts between 3.2 and 4.5 hours on a single charge, which can equate to as many as 720 images taken and processed. Interchangeable batteries means that practices can use the device throughout the day, without fear of interruption.

The Acuity boasts superior technology not only for capturing images but also for processing them. The combination of flat panel DR technology and cutting edge RadmediX software creates images in a fraction of the time. Processing time for High Definition images can be as little as two seconds. This empowers practices to maximize their throughput of patients. On average, practices that switched from a Computed Radiography panel to the Acuity 1417’s Flat Panel X-ray technology report tripling their throughput of patients. This astonishing increase in efficiency helps practices to reduce their cost and time spent per patient by up to 60%.

Although the Acuity 1417 Wireless DR Panel is built on cutting-edge technology, it retains full compatibility with a wide range of equipment and computer systems. The system requires no modification to integrate with original equipment provided by any devices manufacturer, and can interface seamlessly with any computer running Windows XP or later.

The Acuity 1417 Wireless is the ideal solution for practices seeking to upgrade an existing x-ray room for a cost-effective price. Contact us today for more information.

  • Slim Cassette size 14×17 Wireless DR Panel
  • Highly reliable and stable operation
  • High definition by direct deposition CsI
  • WiFi image transfer
  • Fast image acquisition time less than 3 Seconds
  • AED – Automatic Exposure Detection.
  • Wireless Interface
  • AccuVueMED Acquisition Workstation (UserPC)
  • Multi-channel Room Sharing Interface