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The direction of healthcare can be a misleading at times.

  • Where is the industry headed? What is the best route for my practice?
  • These are questions many analysts are currently digging into, to get a bearing on what clinics should do in the next 5 years.
  • Why Choose Radmedix’s Urgent Care flat panel DR detector solutions?

One major shift is in urgent care. Today, more people walk into an urgent care clinic with needs that differ quite drastically from years past. The need for fast, walk-in, non/semi-emergency, in-demand care has spearheaded the rise of urgent care clinics across the United States. In fact, urgent care clinics are no longer perceived as generic “doctors in a box,” but are looked to as leaders in the medical care industry. According to a 2015 study(1), 97% of urgent care patients were treated within the clinic, while only referring 3% of patients to an ER. This industry shift has lead urgent care clinics to grow exponentially, with 58% of total growth being new location builds to support the demand(2).

With diagnostic x-rays accounting for nearly a third of performed procedures at an urgent care clinic, fast, digital radiography (DR) has led to an ease of access to patient images. This not only expedites diagnosis, but with cutting edge, cesium iodide flat panel technology, it offers lower doses of radiation to their patients. Urgent Care flat panel DR detector solutions also reduces costs by abandoning expensive x-ray film and bypassing lengthy and costly chemical or computed radiography (CR) processing. This gives doctors the ability to digitally enhance x-ray images for soft tissue or bone detail from a single image.

Why Choose Radmedix’s Urgent Care Flat Panel DR Detector

With Radmedix’s Urgent Care flat panel DR detector solutions, requires no x-ray modification to turn your Urgent Care clinic to a direct digital imaging system. Our portfolio of flat panel detectors are wireless, lightweight and cassette-sized, utilizing automatic exposure detection technology (AED), which requires no interface to the x-ray generator whatsoever. Just point and shoot! Radmedix wireless flat panel DRs also allow for a single 14×17 detector to be easily moved from the wall stand, x-ray table and table top exams with ease. Our short video tutorial describes this seamless workflow.

Radmedix offers unique technology called “Lossless AED” which eliminates the typical data loss during the panel recycle process from most wireless detectors on the market today. This, combined with direct deposited cesium iodide quality, offers superior image quality for low dose imaging capabilities.

After capturing the images, proper x-ray image storage is the next item to address. Radmedix offers a powerful, 100% web based image archive solution, AccuVueCloud PACS. According to a recent HIMSS survey, 50% of medical clinics surveyed plan to switch to a cloud based PACS solution in the near future. The AccuVueCloud PACS application not only provides expandable storage space without the cost to upgrade hardware, but also offers increased computing power that allows you to view and manipulate hundreds of images using hand-held mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. When implementing AccuVueCloud, your clinic will gain the added efficiency to access images securely anytime, anywhere via cellular or Wi-Fi network access from any web enables device with bank level security. This also eliminates the headache of hardware and software obsolesce while offering unlimited viewing capabilities without managing individual software licenses.

These technical advances let urgent care clinics keep their edge in costs and keep their promise of reducing patient wait times, accurate and precise imaging, which of course leads to faster ROI and reliability.

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2) UCAOA Benchmarking Survey 2015
3) Journal of Urgent Care 2017

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