The RadmediX Difference

Our Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

Radmedix understands your need for detailed and advanced X-Ray viewing. Our Non-Destructive Testing X-Ray specific line of solutions include NDT specific toolsets, such as image stitching for long length studies. If you are searching for Affordable, Reliable, High quality NDT specific Digital Imaging solutions contact us today for information on our turn-key Digital NDT Solutions.

Whether you are a start-up or an existing service company looking for affordable equipment, contact us today for a free consultation our Direct Digital Imaging Specialists.

  • High definition imaging with smallest 76um pixel
  • Ultimiate portability
  • WPCS Power System (wireless charging)
  • Smart information by OLED display
  • Water proof function for increased reliability [IPX4]
  • Various applications available
  • A slim and light weight 8.1 lbs. (max weight) and fancy design
  • AccuVue Cloud based PACS

NDT Features

Specialized digital NDT software designed and perfected by radiologists for user convenience.

Slim and light detectors Wireless operation mode innovative battery charging for 24hours/7days operations.


Creating images of high definition by using reverse filtering algorithm; TRUVIEWⓇ ART.


Robust Protection Suit & Tablet Mounter.

Panel reset time is saved by Lossless AED Faster image display by a high speed operating scheme.


ndt-user-friendlyUSER-FRIENDLY IMAGING S/W
Tablet, smart phone support Smart workflow Multi-Language User experience design.