Radmedix’s innovative, 3rd generation of digital x-ray DR panel solutions combine advanced ‘Information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology. With a complete detector size portfolio and versatility, G3 Acuity DR provides ultimate image quality that can be applied in multiple diagnostic imaging environments for various clinical applications. Whether seeking a retro-fit solution for an existing x-ray system or package with our fully integrated x-ray systems, the next generation of diagnostic imaging is here!

All G3 Acuity DR Panels

G3 Acuity DR Panels

Limitless Performance

G3 Acuity DR 1417W and 1717W portable models provide limitless portability with reliable operations. Upgrade Now! Experience unbeatable performance of G3 Acuity DR and increase your productivity and diagnostic confidence! G3 Acuity DR, Radmedix’s innovative digital x-ray solution combined advanced ‘Information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology. With its versatility, G3 Acuity DR provides ultimate image quality and can be applied in multiple environments for various applications.

  • Cassettes size to effortlessly fit into standard x-ray cassette trays
  • Direct deposited Csi for low dose, high resolution exams
  • Smooth sealed surface lock out moisture (IPX4 standard)
  • Highly durable unibody design for ultimate rigidity
  • Extended battery life up to 8hrs. on wireless models
  • Integrated wireless charging
  • Tru 16 bit image capture and display
  • Adaptive Window Control (AWC) standard on all models
G3 Acuity DR Spine Icon

Exceptional Imaging

Optimized to deliver unmatched bone detail with TRU16 bit technology.

G3 Acuity DR AWC Icon

Adaptive Window Control

Power management with Smart Mode Changes. Lossless AED mode, innovatively improving battery performance.

G3 Acuity DR WIFI Icon

Smart Switch

Smart Switch Technology allows for easy “smart switching” between two workstations for mobile and stationary x-ray needs.

G3 Acuity DR Charge Icon

Wireless Charging

G3 Acuity Wireless DR panels are embedded with the industry’s first wireless charging system.

Unmatched Detail

G3 Acuity DR offers enhanced imaging technology providing high contrast detailed images for ultimate diagnostic confidence in any clinical environment.

Superior image sharpness with enhanced image processing algorithms

Direct Deposited CSI technology for Ultra Low dose imaging

Increase in MTF from previous generation detectors for better spacial resolution

Increased DQE at lower doses to reduce noise

Patient dose reduction with reliable lossless AED technology

Reliable data capture for every exam with Adaptive Window Control (AWC)

14bit Chest X-Ray 16bit Chest
Quick Acquisition Time

Our G3 Acuity DR panels have one of the quickest acquisition times that allows you to review high contrast detailed images in as little as 2.5 seconds.

Adaptive Window Control

Lossless AED / AWC

Adaptive Window Control (AWC) offers a very unique technology feature to address a very common problem with flat panel DR imaging. Since G3 Acuity DR panels are designed to work with various x-ray systems, with different power output’s and exposure time lengths depending on exams required. Performing exams such as breathing techniques or even larger patient anatomy in a portable environment, radiography exams require long(er) exposure times.

With using latest AED wireless technology, the window time of the panel is typically fixed and limited resulting in the inability to capture data required for such exams. Radmedix AWC addresses this problem with built-in technology to allow the detector to automatically adjust to the exposure time required to complete the exam capturing the full exposure with confidence.

Faster Image Display with
High Speed Operating Scheme 

Fast image preview and display time of G3 Acuity DR products allow for more effective and efficient operation leading to increased productivity. Image preview in both wired and wireless modes are achieved less than 2 seconds and a full image is acquired in 4.5 and 6 seconds respectively.

Faster Image Display

Waterproof | IPX—4 Rating

Smart Switch Technology:
One Panel, Multiple Clinical Applications

Radmedix Smart Switch Technology allows for easy “smart switching” between two workstations for mobile and stationary x-ray needs. With a single push of a button, the G3 Acuity DR allows the user to quickly switch between use in a stationary x-ray room with a PC workstation to a portable tablet or laptop for ultimate portability

Smart Switch
Smart Mode

Wireless Power Charging System

Maximum Power for Maximum Care

G3 Acuity DR 1717 and 1417 wireless systems are embedded with the industry’s first wireless charging system. The WPCS enables seamless wireless charging dock between exams to keep the detector at maximum power while in the most demanding clinical environments eliminating monitoring remaining battery life.

Integration in every diagnostic environment

Type: Wall Mount Installation or Cradle

Safer diagnostic environment with removal of hazardous wires and cables

No need for battery change

Fast and reliable battery charging with longer battery life

Less product corrosion due to battery removal

Wireless Charging

Our Full Portfolio of G3 DR Panels

G3 Acuity DR 1717

Tethered & Wireless | IPX—4 Rating
Medical & Chiropractic
Veterinary Systems

The G3 Acuity DR 17×17 is truly the gold standard of diagnostic x-ray imaging. Whether seeking a completely integrated solution with hospital quality equipment or a retro-fit to an existing x-ray machine, the G3 Acuity DR 1717 has you covered. A true 17×17″ unibody construction design, this panel offers large format x-ray imaging for the highest quality detail in all patients without worrying about panel rotation. Just point and shoot.

Perfect for low dose exams and dose-lowering initiatives

Cassette size fits in standard bucky’s and holders

Maximized field of view, perfect for no-rotation medical, vet, or chiro exams

Integrated hand grip for easy carrying and positioning – wireless model

Smooth sealed surfaces lock out moisture (IPX-4 rating wireless model)

G3 Acuity DR 1717 W

G3 Acuity DR 1417

Wireless | IPX—4 Rating
General & Mobile Radiography
Vet Portable

The wireless Acuity DR panels are ideal for those focusing on extremity exams in need or a wireless panel mobility in or out of the upright bucky. All Acuity DR panels are constructed with ruggedized, uni-body construction vs. industry competitors 3-piece construction which can become easily damaged with heavy use.

Dual channel mode for Smart Switch Technology

Perfect for low dose exams and dose-lowering initiatives

OLED screen display confirm connectivity & detector status

High durability unibody casing

Extended battery life – up to 8 hrs. standby time with deep sleep mode

All models use the same battery, corded or wireless

G3 Acuity DR 1417 W

Slim Dual Battery Charger

Two G3 Acuity DR 1417 batteries can be simultaneously charged with the Slim Dual Battery Charger. LED display allows for easy check of the battery level and with its light and compact design, user portability and usability is increased. The Charger comes standard with the G3 Acuity DR 1417 detector.

Portable DR Cases

G3 Acuity DR panels are available with both gridded and non-gridded protection cases to provide ultimate panel security for any wireless panel size. Cases come equipped with an ergonomical handle as well as lock-and-secure latch to keep the detector secure during handling. Combine with our tablet PCP and achieve ultimate portability.

G3 Acuity DR Panels