RadmediX pauses to reflect on the success of 2016


As we move confidently into 2017, RadmediX pauses for a moment to reflect on the healthy success of 2016. Throughout the year, RadmediX saw significant growth across all targeted markets, from digital radiology in veterinary clients all the way through digital radiology and image departments in large hospital organizations. Wrapping up the year at nearly 25% overall growth from 2015, RadmediX is proud of our contributions to so many integral branches of medical practice.

Over the last 12 months, we have improved clinical functionality and patient experiences in a number of areas with the implementation of both the Acuity DR and AccuVueCloud products. Clients in the field of chiropractic care saw a marked increase in convenience and efficiency with Acuity DR detectors and AccuVueCoud PACS. Chiropractic industry-specific digital suites included tools for measuring, labeling, sophisticated report of findings and otherwise altering X-rays for the most effective diagnosis and treatment via the cloud. RadmediX also made substantial strides in the orthopedic field with their industry-specific DR panels, incorporating HD wireless DR with the AccuVueCloud. An integrated orthopedic tool suite allowed medical professionals to outline pre-surgical plans from any location, providing timely and expedient patient care.

RadmediX additionally worked with a number of hospitals, providing a truly portable DR solutions for mobile x-ray diagnoses. Retro-fitting existing radiology equipment brought new life to standard radiology rooms, allowing hospital staff to capture, view, and analyze X-Ray images digitally while avoiding the need for significant equipment replacement.

RadmediX is both proud of the accomplishments of 2016 and eager to carry the company’s impressive growth into many future years. We are continually striving to bring the most cutting-edge technology to our clients and their patients, and we believe results speak louder than words. Join us as we continue to grow and expand in 2017. The future of digital radiology is waiting for you; let RadmediX deliver it this year.