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RadmediX offers the Ultimate Portable X-Ray System for Mobile Care

By November 21, 2017 No Comments

RadmediX Mobile X-Ray System



We are excited to offer our High Quality Acuity DR Portable X-Ray System. This detector and software solution has been developed to offer the best image quality in the industry. Our cutting edge technology can provide clearer images at lowest dispersion compared to a conventional CsI and GOS scintillator. RadmediX promises its users the best image quality with its design of low noise TFT, electrons and optimized CsI thickness.

The Acuity DR is a wireless cassette sized X-Ray detector. It can easily transform any existing conventional x-ray room or Portable X-Ray system into an efficient Digital Radiology suite in just minutes. The Acuity 14×17 easily integrates with any manufactures original equipment such as Source Ray, MinXray, BattARay and others. The Acuity 14×17 Wireless DR Panel delivers unmatched image quality just seconds after exposure making it the perfect solution for companies seeking to upgrade their existing x-ray systems at a cost effective price. This versatile, Portable X-Ray System allows for quick and easy integration for any multi-purpose clinical or Portable X-Ray application. Our Inside AP maximizes the portability function of Acuity DR 14×17 which directly communicates with a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone to make it possible to view images anywhere on any device.


Acuity DR Features:

  • Slim Cassette size 14×17″ Detector with Tablet Workstation
  • Waterproof (Optional)
  • Highly reliable and stable operation
  • High definition by direct deposition CsI
  • WiFi image transfer
  • Fast image acquisition time less than 3 Seconds
  • AED – Automatic Exposure Detection.
  • Wireless Interface
  • AccuVueMED Acquisition Workstation (UserPC)
  • Multi-channel Room Sharing Interface


Acuity DR Mobile X-Ray Machine

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