Premier Orthopedics selects PPX Imaging and Acuity Wireless DR

Premier Orthopedics in Guntersville Alabama had many choices when it came to upgrading their aging CR systems. Dr. Smith and his staff consulted with their trusted service provider PPX Imaging who has been providing sales and service of Diagnostic Imaging equipment for almost 30 years. After a few on site demos the choice became clear that one company has a DR solution that is not only affordable but it also had the best image quality of any of the systems they evaluated.

Premier Orthopedics chose the Acuity DR 14×17 Wireless System from RadmediX Inc. Dr. Smith also decided to upgrade the PACS system to the industries latest technology the AccuVue Cloud.  The AccuVue Cloud service provides a Simple DICOM Archive, that allows you to view your diagnostic images anywhere at anytime via any device.  It simultaneously gives Premier Orthopedics the piece of mind that all of their exams are backed up in a HIPAA compliant Disaster Recovery database in the Cloud.

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Unmatched Detail

The Acuity 1417 Wireless DR is the next generation of digital radiology optimized to deliver unmatched bone detail with direct capture technology.

acuity_competior-leg_xray acuity-hd-leg_xray
Quick Acquisition Time

Our Acuity 1417 Wireless DR panel has one of the quickest acquisition times that allows you to review HD processed images in as little as 6 seconds.


Cost and
Time Savings

See more Patients with the Acuity 1417 Wireless and experience up to 60% cost and time savings Vs. CR


Totally Wireless

When we say wireless, we mean wireless. Equipped with wireless AP (access point) technology.


No Cables

No Wires of any kind. Auto-Exposure Detection allows for no generator interface, just point and shoot.


Long Battery Life

Take 720+ images without having to recharge. Don’t worry about getting through that shift.



At 7 lbs. it is one of the lightest, most versatile DR systems on the market.