Radmedix “Looking Towards the Future” with
National Healthcare Distributors (NHD) Partnership

 Released: Wednesday, March 09 2022
Medical Imaging Market
Digital radiography is part of one of the largest and fastest growing healthcare industry markets in the last 5 years. Having gained recent traction with new technological advancements, the medical imaging market is projected to continue to grow exponentially through 2026 and beyond. It suffered a temporary dip in size during 2020’s initial COVID-19 hit, but bounced back quickly as it proved to be a key force in diagnosing and detecting the severity of illness in COVID-19 patients. Especially through chest radiography and CT scans.
Radmedix Innovation Gains NHD Interest
Now in 2022, the medical imaging market has fully recovered and is once again on an upward swing in size. Digital radiography is among several industries that have contributed to this growth and is projected to increase immensely through 2026. Radmedix, an industry leading x-ray manufacturer based out of Dayton, OH, has been using this growth to rapidly expand their business. They are known for their innovative solutions and exceptional support and are quickly becoming the preferred vendor for new and innovative radiography solutions.
After NHD (National Healthcare Distributors) first expressed interest in partnering with Radmedix in their OEM supplier line up, Radmedix got to work on setting strategic goals to assure NHD’s success and measure what this newfound partnership could mean for both companies.
After much strategic discussion, Radmedix and NHD are now proud to announce that on February 1, 2022 Radmedix has officially become an OEM partner for one of the largest networks of healthcare suppliers across North America. This distribution network (NHD) provides a multitude of solutions suitable for all clinical applications including advanced medical imaging systems, integrated acquisition software, full line of diagnostic modalities, as well as providing experienced service engineers for system support and clinical applications training.
Radmedix Building Sign
Radmedix HQ front entrance in Dayton, OH
National Healthcare Distributors (NHD)
The NHD network is owned and operated by 32 independent regional suppliers for medical imaging products and services. Collectively these regional imaging suppliers generate more than $300 million in sales every year. With local facilities and distribution centers nationally, NHD continues to provide high quality, quick and superior customer service for over 25 years.
NHD Logo
NHD has extensive medical imaging experience and offers value in their National Account Programs and in consolidating their operations such as logistics, information technology, and purchasing.
NHD is proud to offer expertise within the full continuum of imaging needs, from analog to full digital x-ray solutions. With such a vast network of companies with years of experience, the benefits of being a part of NHD is significant.

What does this partnership mean for Radmedix moving forward?

As a leading x-ray manufacturer in the digital radiography industry, Radmedix has proven time and time again what their advanced digital x-ray solutions bring to the industry as a whole. The slim, sleek, ease of use design found throughout their products has become a staple in the industry. Radmedix’s mission has been to get these reliable x-ray solutions in as many hospitals/clinics as possible for better patient care.
In wake of the OEM partnership with NHD, this mission will be more achievable through the vast access of new suppliers that can now promote Radmedix industry leading products to customers across the nation. Here’s what Matt Chrisovergis, Partner at Radmedix has to say about this NHD partnership and what it means for Radmedix’s future in the radiography industry: “This is a tremendous opportunity not only for Radmedix to expand our proven solutions to new partners, but also make a significant market impact together to elevate patient care.”
Radmedix provides innovative x-ray system solutions, full line of flat panel DR detectors, advanced image processing software, and cutting edge cloud PACS solutions designed with the customer in mind. With nearly 3 decades of clinical imaging experience, they deliver reliable solutions to all clinical applications.
Each year Radmedix is taking note of what customers need out of the radiography industry. They are constantly developing new solution options using the latest in digital x-ray technology to fill these needs and make x-ray more accessible along with making patient diagnosis easier and faster. Their current line of products are a result of this and they are continually adding more solutions to their portfolio to reach more customers and transform practices with solutions that last when it matters most. This new NHD partnership opens the floodgates to partners with a wide array of customers that Radmedix now has a connection with to get them the digital x-ray systems they need for better patient care.

NHD adds Radmedix to their vast distribution network

What does this mean for NHD? After a recent rollout call with Radmedix introducing some key NHD companies, NHD has been driving home what Radmedix products can really bring to the table. “With this new partnership between NHD and Radmedix it further allows NHD shareholders to meet the needs of their customers with a high-quality dependable equipment offering,” said Kevin Roth, the current Chairman of the Board. “We look forward to a long and successful relationship.”