Fearing the dreaded Ransomware threat? Radmedix has an easy solution for that!

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Recently, Healthcare organizations around the globe have reported having been affected by “ransomware” software – a type of malware that prevents access to one’s own data until a “ransom” is paid to the perpetrators through untraceable online channels.  If a system becomes compromised, your organization’s options would be to either pay the “ransom” fees online, as the perpetrators demand, or reinstall the entire system and restore all data files from backup. If no back up has been created, you’ll likely lose all of your data.

This type of malware is nothing new.  It typically gets into a system when a user is tricked into opening an email containing the malware or an internet link to the malware which then allows for infectious access to your sensitive data.

Although no reports have been made on any Radmedix system, Radmedix offers an affordable, secure, cloud-based, off-site archive solution to protect your diagnostic radiology data in the event of becoming infected, AccuVueCloud PACS.

Radmedix AccuVueCloud PACS delivers both the computing and storage power over the internet via a redundant, secure Tier 3 cloud data center. Our solution provides tools for general radiology, pre-operative orthopedic templating, chiropractic specific diagnosis and measurement tools, veterinary, and other specialties throughout your practices. AccuVueCloud allows your facility to deliver improved patient care at a cost-effective price all while securely protecting your diagnostic images.

The AccuVueCloud PACS application not only provides expandable storage space without the cost to upgrade hardware, it offers increased computing power that allows you to view and manipulate thousands of large image studies using hand-held mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and other tablets. When implementing AccuVueCloud, your practice will gain the added efficiency to access images securely anytime, anywhere via cellular or Wi-Fi network access as well as providing a HIPAA compliant secure back up of your image data in the event of a malware attack. What customers should do if they think they have been infected:

• Shut down the infected system immediately.
• Contact Radmedix Support and those responsible in your organization for handling malware (ie. Your IT management service provider).

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Learn more about Radmedix AccuVueCloud PACS here: /solutions/accuvuecloud/
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