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OMG I dropped my DR Panel….Now What?

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The evolution of Digital X-Ray technology has come a long way in the past 10 years.  Today we have the luxury of having Direct Digital (DR) panels that give us an exceptional image just seconds after exposure.  These DR Panels offer a reduced radiation dose compared to film screen, or Computed Radiography systems.

So you just invested tens of thousands in a new DR Panel for your practice when after only a few days your technician drops the Panel.  Lets face it in a busy imaging environment accidents will happen.  Is your investment protected?

When it comes to “Drop Insurance”  there are many layers from vendor to vendor.  The verbiage is often confusing leaving you asking what is covered and what is not.  At RadmediX we alleviate all the stress and give you piece of mind that your investment is safe. We have 2 programs to protect your new DR Panel.

No Fault Insurance

Our No Fault Insurance program covers everything excluding fire and theft. What does that mean?

-If you tech runs over the panel with an AMX4 Portable X-ray machine, it’s covered.

-If your tech drops it down the stairs, it’s covered

-If your tech leaves it out in the rain, it’s covered

The second option is if you decide to use our in house financing we offer another attractive program that offers 100% protection

Comprehensive Property Insurance

-Full replacement coverage
-Zero deductible
-One invoice convenience

This insurance covers a broad range of losses.

-Theft, burglary
-Lightning and related power surges
-Collision and falling objects
-Accidental damage caused by drop
-Wind, hurricane
-Flood and water damage

Please contact us today to learn more about protecting your DR Panel.

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