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Closer Look Acuity SDR+

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Acuity SDR+

Acuity SDR+

 Most Innovative. Advanced
X-Ray Solution.

Acuity SDR+

 Most Innovative. Advanced X-Ray Solution.

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straight arm
Acuity SDR+

Acuity SDR+ solution.

One of our most popular x-ray solutions suited for all kinds of practices including urgent care, orthopedic, medical, and chiropractic.

10" Intuitive Touchscreen

10" Intuitive Touchscreen

Fits 8' Ceiling Height

Fits 8' Ceiling Height

Dual Laser Rotating Collimator

Dual Laser Rotating Collimator

Bucky Side Controls

Small Footprint System

Small Footprint System

Intuitive 10″ Touchscreen

Controls all system components

Pre-Programmed Positions

Up To 60 Semi-Automatic Positions

Integrated Safety Features

Emergency Buttons & Collision Sensors

Optional AEC

Automatic Exposure Control

Acuity SDR+

Integrated DR Detector

High Quality Unmatched Imaging

Small Footprint System

Fits 8′ Ceiling and Fully Functions

Optional Mobile Table

Lightweight Patient Imaging Table

Dual Laser LED Collimator

Fully Rotates & Precise Imaging

Why Acuity SDR+?

Radmedix is a leading source of the radiology industry’s most innovative x-ray products. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art digital solutions supporting a wide range of practices including urgent care, orthopedic, medical, and chiropractic. To target a wide range of practices, we have designed a FAST and EFFICIENT straight arm x-ray machine, the Acuity SDR+. For the last year, this machine has proven time and time again to be one of the industries top performing x-ray systems. We have designed this system to exceed expectations in a variety of clinical environments using a fortitude of features. The Acuity SDR+ features make this system the powerful general and specialized diagnostic imaging system it is today. See why the Acuity SDR+ is one of our most popular digital x-ray systems. Let’s breakdown some core features of the system that can do it all….

Simplify Operation with Intuitive Touchscreen

Looking over the system one of the first parts you may notice is the touchscreen. We’ve opted out of a traditional 4″ screen for our SDR+ system and added in this immense 10″ touchscreen display console which controls all system components while providing the operator with simplicity and ease-of-use. It displays SID, height, and angulation. It uses a full Windows operating system and is capable of remote diagnostics. You can access this system for troubleshooting even if you’re in another country! We’ve built this touchscreen interface with usability as one of our main focuses. No more operation confusion.

The Acuity SDR+ also provides the user with a customizable workflow including the ability to pre-program 60 positions for any exam type. You can basically build your own projection list and it’ll find the SID and height that you have programmed into it allowing for fast setup capability.

Unlimited Exam Possibilities

The Acuity SDR+ has quick, easy stand positioning along with motorized (SID) adjustment which enables a wide spectrum of upright imaging and supine imaging of patients on the optional mobile table. The touchscreen interface has multi-language support and simple APR technique selection with automated exposure. The Acuity SDR+ is a fully counterbalanced motorized x-ray system that can be rotated effortlessly to support all the different exam positioning. It offers a unique feature-rich design that makes it universally useful in all applications of diagnostic radiology.

Convenient Rotating Collimator

Unlike a lot of other straight arms in the market, our Acuity SDR+ straight arm has a unique dual laser LED collimator equipped with the ability to fully rotate. This comes in handy in a variety of situations such as needing to do a tib-fib cross corner exam you can get in one shot instead of two. This will save you a lot of headaches and will speed up your workflow. Optional Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) is available.

Integrated Controls

The Acuity SDR+ has a few advanced safety feature controls aimed at keeping your workflow moving efficiently and keeping your patients/techs safe. The advanced integrated safety features include an emergency stop button and crash sensors. For the emergency stop button you can access it from either the tube or the bucky side either way, we’ve got you covered in case of an emergency. For the crash sensors if you’re performing an x-ray on a patient and moving the system down vertically too far, the sensors will kick in and prevent you from driving the system down into the patient. This is a very necessary feature that can prevent accidental mishandling.

Integrated DR Detector

Our innovative 3rd generation 17×17 Acuity DR panel comes with the Acuity SDR+. This panel is the gold standard in our line of G3 panels.

Experience unbeatable performance with our G3 Acuity DR panel and increase your workflow and diagnostic confidence. Fast image display, ultimate image quality, and patient dose reduction from lossless AED technology. Reduces dose by 35%. Enjoy the next generation of diagnostic imaging today when you upgrade to our Acuity SDR+. More DR panel features shown below.

Cassettes size to effortlessly fit into standard cassette trays

Direct Deposited CSI technology for ultra low dose imaging

Highly durable unibody design

Tru 16 bit image capture and display

Smooth sealed surface lock out moisture (IPX4 Standard)

Extended battery life up to 8hrs

Wireless charging with charging dock

Adaptive Window Control (AWC)

Why upgrade to digital?

Upgrading to digital x-ray is becoming more and more common in today’s radiology industry. The longer you wait to upgrade the more money you will spend to keep up with your old system. There’s points you need to consider when making the decision to upgrade to digital.

Is your x-ray equipment in good condition? If your x-ray system is out of commission more than it’s working, you should consider going digital. If your x-ray system works sometimes but is constantly in need of repairs, you should consider going digital. Repairs are one of the most expensive parts of owning older x-ray equipment and can cost a fortune to maintain. Also having your x-ray system consistently out of commission will reflect badly on your practice and will stop patients from being examined/diagnosed on time, treatments will be delayed, and income is lost.

The bottom line is x-ray equipment should be in good working order to produce high quality images leading to a more timely and efficient patient diagnosis. Digital x-ray is notorious for producing higher quality images and workflow optimization which is just what you need. Outdated traditional x-ray equipment produces lower quality images and takes longer to process wasting valuable time. You are also more likely to experience errors and have to frequently re-shoot your images. All this wasted time on tasks that can be avoided with digital x-ray can be better put to use by getting the high quality x-ray images you expect from a sophisticated system and be able to share these digital images on the go to consult with other medical practitioners. This simplifies the whole process which your patients will be thankful for.

Radmedix are experts in simplicity. Being a strong digital x-ray provider, we have a complete digital solution upgrade ready to go, just a phone call away. The Acuity SDR+ with our integrated G3 Acuity DR panel is unmatched in performance. Not to mention our AccuVue x-ray software and AccuVue Cloud PACS solution that works for any practice. Stop wasting money on outdated x-ray equipment that will cost you a fortune to maintain and upgrade today.

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Keep up with demand. Another point in deciding whether or not to upgrade to a digital x-ray system is whether you are able to keep up with the demand for your practice. If you’ve been practicing for years chances are that your practice has been growing.

At the time of opening, it may have made sense to purchase an older x-ray system that could handle a small amount of clients but now with your influx of clients, upgrading has never been more clear.

Acuity SDR+ Extended

Increase ROI with digital x-ray

There are many reasons to finally upgrade to a newer digital x-ray system. From giving patients the best possible care, and cutting down costs there’s a lot to take note of when making the switch. If you’re still on the fence about upgrading here’s how investing in a digital x-ray system such as our Acuity SDR+ can give back to your practice through return of investment.

Monetary returns. Digital x-ray cuts down on costs by avoiding the use of a costly dark room with expensive and hazardous chemicals. Also it greatly reduces the amount of labor including time wasted maintaining traditional equipment and developing film. Not to mention having to find space to store the x-ray images in your office after they’re processed. Digital x-ray allows the images to be digitally stored immediately after exposure on a cloud such as our provided AccuVueCloud PACS solution. You will also save money in the long run since you’ll be on a new system, frequent repairs will no longer be an issue.

Reliability and Consistency. Digital x-ray has a lot less issues when it comes to proper exposure and you won’t need nearly as many retakes with efficient digital system integration.

Speed. Patient throughput is greatly increased with digital x-ray technology. More patients can be seen each day which will increase profits. Digital x-ray can be seen as a way to further grow your practice and to encourage recurring patients. Nobody likes being sick, having an efficient digital x-ray system will mean the world to your patients since they will be able to get back to their families quickly.

Image sharing and ease of use. Digital x-ray gives you the ability to send images to other practitioners in just moments. Send an x-ray while doing any other task, it’s that easy. A faster collaboration between medical professionals means a better treated patient. Also the switch is very easy with support guidance. Our Acuity SDR+ x-ray system comes with support from our trained professionals who have a lot of experience and will help you each step of the way. Any questions? Just ask, we’ve got your back.

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