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Closer Look Acuity CDR

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Acuity CDR

 Small Footprint. Compact
X-Ray Solution.

Acuity CDR

 Small Footprint. Compact X-Ray Solution.

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CDR Chiropractic X-Ray System

Industry leading
Acuity CDR solution.

RadmediX has expanded our proven straight arm line with a new advanced x-ray system designed specifically for chiropractic care, the Acuity CDR. The Acuity CDR is a smaller compact system solution with the same functionality as the SDR+.

10" Intuitive Touchscreen

Fits 8' Ceiling Height

Dual Laser Rotating Collimator

Small Footprint System

Industry leading
digital x-ray
Acuity CDR

RadmediX has expanded our proven straight arm line with a new advanced x-ray system designed specifically for chiropractic care, the Acuity CDR. The Acuity CDR is a smaller compact system solution with the same functionality as the SDR+.

Acuity CDR Chiropractic System Angled

Powerful Magnetic Lock Brakes

Raises and Lowers Effortlessly

Fully Counterbalanced

Ultra Small Footprint System

Dual Laser LED Collimator

Fully Rotates & Precise Alignment

Optional AEC

Automatic Exposure Control

Integrated DR Detector

High Quality Unmatched Imaging

Why Acuity CDR?

Radmedix provides state-of-the-art digital x-ray solutions to a wide range of practices including urgent care, chiropractic, orthopedic, and veterinary. We have digital solutions that support all practices but we know how essential it can be to have a system specifically designed to meet an exact practices needs. We’ve recently done just that for chiropractors with the first chiropractic x-ray advancement in decades, the Acuity CDR. This turnkey solution solves several recurring issues that chiropractors face when using traditional/outdated equipment or when looking to upgrade to digital.

What we wanted to accomplish with the Acuity CDR was to have a system with the functionality of our more feature heavy straight arm the Acuity SDR+, but at a cost effective price point. We also wanted to recreate the vision most people have about chiropractic x-ray systems. Historically in the chiropractic market, you see a lot of decade old floor rail systems with an upright bucky and a bolted DR system. Well with our Acuity CDR chiropractic x-ray system, we’ve designed a complete integrated solution with features such as our 40kw generator as opposed to a standard 30kw, rotating dual laser collimator, fixed 40 inch SID system with optional AEC, fully integrated AccuVue software, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Acuity CDR and find out how it’s the perfect solution to revolutionize your chiropractic practice….

Small Footprint Solution?

A lot of chiropractors may not have the office space for a traditional chiropractic x-ray system so have opted out of taking x-rays all together or if they have a traditional system, it’s taking up a lot of room which could be put to better use for their practice. That’s why the Acuity CDR is the perfect solution for chiropractors. It’s an ultra small footprint system that can fit in virtually an x-ray room. Installation is a breeze, taking up only a day or as little as a few hours. An easily installed, compact system solution with ease of use is the main takeaway from the Acuity CDR. Never worry about lining up the tube head and bucky again because they are fixed evenly at all times to improve your workflow. It’s a foolproof system. Power up the CDR, select your region of anatomy to set a general technique, then raise or lower the system effortlessly for precise positioning and point and shoot, digital x-ray made easy.

The Acuity CDR is powered by a 40kw generator vs a standard 30kw which may not seem like a big difference but when your x-raying larger patient anatomy, that is a substantial difference. If you don’t have the proper amount of power for your system, then the images taken could result in underexposure. The 40kw generator provides all the power you need and more, not to mention the effectiveness of pairing the CDR/generator with our G3 Acuity DR panels. Our DR panels will fully utilize the power from the generator and maximize dose efficiency through features such as our lossless AED and AWC to capture high contrast detailed images.

Acuity CDR Chiropractic System Patient

Reduces Clinical Downtime

The Acuity CDR has a drastically shorter installation time compared to a traditional chiropractic x-ray system. A shorter installation time reduces clinical downtime which allows you to get back to normal day-to-day operations as quickly as possible providing the best possible care for your patients. How is an installation time of under a day possible? Well there’s no guesswork involved in the set up of our CDR system. Stand the column up, bolt it into the ground in four places, and put the arm on the bucky/tube then everything is already lined up. In a traditional chiropractic x-ray system, you’d have to make sure the rail is perfectly perpendicular to the bucky otherwise when you slide it in and out it’s going to be off center. You also have to spend a considerable amount of time fine tuning all the different small components. The Acuity CDR is a simple, compact digital x-ray solution that keeps the functionality of higher end systems such as our SDR+ at a budget friendly price.

Fully Counterbalanced

The Acuity CDR is a fully counterbalanced system which means that when you grab the handle control on the bucky to release the magnetic lock brakes, the system will not drive down into the ground. It will follow whatever direction you guide it in with little resistance. The Acuity CDR can accommodate all kinds of x-ray techs, virtually anyone can raise and lower the system without any strain.

Magnetic Lock Brakes

The Acuity CDR features powerful magnetic lock brakes which are always on to keep the bucky/tube in place. Once you grab the handle control on the bucky and press it down an electric current activates which then releases the brake. As a fully counterbalanced system, it won’t immediately drop down it will effortlessly go wherever you guide it to either up or down. Once you finish raising or lowering it and release the handle control, the brakes will immediately kick back on leaving the tube/bucky aligned precisely where you want it. Since the magnetic lock brakes are always on, the system will stay where you set it even during a power outage. Once the power is restored you are able to move the system freely again. Older traditional chiropractic x-ray systems have to be “parked” meaning lowering the system to its lowest point so that if it lost power, it won’t slam down into the ground because it would already be at its lowest point. Having complete confidence that your system will always stay in place no matter the power situation, can be a load off your mind.

Shoot requirements?

If you find yourself interested in our Acuity CDR after realizing the potential and cost effective price but are looking for an x-ray system that shoots at 72 inches or 60 inches or whatever the case might be, the CDR will still work for your needs as a fixed 40 inch SID system.

There is a misconception that you have to shoot certain exams/studies at 60 or 72 inches but when you’re talking about a variable distance or variable SID source to image distance, the only thing that varying that distance does is have an effect on magnification to some extent. There is no real advantage to shooting at 60 or 72 vs using 40 to reduce magnification in chiropractic exams because you can ultimately control how big or small the image is with magnification inside of our integrated software.

Time to Upgrade!

A lot of chiropractors may find themselves using an x-ray room/equipment that is over 20 years old. It might be working out overall but when you consider all the time and money spent on repairing the system or the fact that outdated equipment produces lower quality images and takes longer to produce, you should strongly consider upgrading to a new digital system that is efficient but doesn’t break the bank. That’s why we have designed the Acuity CDR, we are determined to bring digital x-ray specifically to chiropractors who either can’t afford a top of the line system, have very limited space for a new system, or are not upgrading because it’s inconvenient.

The Acuity CDR makes upgrading to digital x-ray as painless as possible meaning everything has been built around convenience – small footprint system, fast installation, and effortless operation. Don’t settle for a bare bones solution any longer, there’s finally a new digital x-ray system in the chiropractic market that brings the functionality of a high end system, but at a lower price. Upgrade to digital today! It will end up saving you a lot of money in the future because it won’t cost a fortune to maintain and you will reap the benefits of your investment – system reliability so less repairs, faster system will allow for more patients as well as recurring patients, efficient digital x-ray image sharing between practitioners for better patient care, and more!

The Acuity CDR not only functions as a high end digital x-ray system at a cost effective price but it also looks like a machine that your patients can depend on. If you open up a new chiropractic office but have an outdated x-ray room, it’s not going to instill confidence in your patients that you are a reliable chiropractor that uses the most modern x-ray methods. The Acuity CDR has high end functionality AND shows off the latest technology with a very clean modern build. Your patients will be at ease knowing that they are receiving the best possible care from an efficient modern system.

Why add digital x-ray to my chiropractic practice?

Adding the ability to take x-rays in your chiropractic office will transform the way you treat your patients. There are ways to physically feel how a persons spine is aligned and figure out the general condition of it but to get the most accurate picture of a patients spine, you need to take an x-ray. An x-ray will give you a detailed look at the condition of all the different bones/joints and give you an idea of their health history plus how all past and recent injuries have healed. After closely analyzing their spine and recording your findings, you will be able to come up with a more individualized treatment plan for your patients.

Some chiropractors may insist on only taking x-rays when a patient feels intense pain, but underlying issues are no joke and irregularities need to be checked for in the most accurate manner. Seeing the entire spine can also show you how it is shaped and holding together as well as what a patients posture looks like to identify any other health concerns. Revolutionize your practice today with our Acuity CDR chiropractic x-ray system! Call now – 844-723-6334

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