Acuity 17×17

The slim and lightweight Acuity 1717 x-ray detector offers an easy "drop in" upgrade to any x-ray room.

Acuity 1417 Wireless

Acuity 1417 is a wireless, cassette sized detector to easily transform any existing X Ray Room to Digital in minutes.


Radmedix AccuVueCloud computing PACS system delivers both the
computing and storage power.

RadmediX will be attending the Florida Chiropractic Association’s National Event

RadmediX will be attending the Florida Chiropractic Association’s National   Smart, sophisticated, state-of-the-art radiology solutions for the modern world. For RadmediX, this means operating on the cutting edge of technology in both exceptional products and client-facing online presence. With a sleek new look, an enhanced interface and easily accessible information at your fingertips, RadmediX is […]

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The Power of Multi Access point Digital Radiography

The average practice that switches from CR to Digital Radiography with RadmediX has reduced the average time per patient, nearly tripling its throughput of patient exams.

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How the AccuVue Cloud can improve your Workflow

The RadmediX AccuVue Cloud is a cutting edge data storage system that provides a comprehensive solution for a wide range of practices and specializations. Our clients use the AccuVue Cloud to multiply their work rate, processing many more patients in less time. First and foremost, the AccuVue Cloud helps staff to increase their productivity dramatically […]

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Radmedix debuts New Acuity 14×17 Wireless DR Panel

  The New RadmediX Acuity 1417  Wireless DR Panel is a compact portable imaging detector that can turn any traditional X-ray room into a highly efficient Digital Radiology suite in less than one hour. Image Quality: The Acuity HD 1417 provides images of extraordinary clarity. It has a pixel pitch of 139 um and pixel […]

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